There is a lot of coverage about people who are “cutting the cable” and now the new generation of “cable nevers”.

We all know what the expression “cutting the cable” means but what is a “cable never”?

The so-called “cord-nevers” is a consumer who never chooses to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV in the first place.

What is ATOP TV?

ATOP TV is an option in the middle.

ATOP TV is a legally licensed cable system with a federal license to operate a cable system. We deliver our IPTV or Digital TV over a private network connection.

Is it Free?

No. Our service is not free, but we do offer a competitively priced Skinny and Skinny Plus line up with an a-la-carte channel option. It is an excellent way to delivery traditional TV at lower prices.

We are an excellent choice for people who are worried about their monthly expenses who still want an attractive package of channels at a competitive rate.

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