Years ago, when we started talking about IPTV, we have a few foundational ideas. Good news is years later we have implemented and stood firm on some of these ideas.

  1. Platform simplicity
  2. Cost of service
  3. Commitment to resellers

First, Platform:

We decided early on to use the Roku and Apple TV platform. Almost everyone has them, and we have found that a user with Netflix is more inclined to move to the ATOP service since a) they already own the device b) they are familiar with how it works and c) the Netflix experience is causing the household to challenge the legacy cable expense.

Our service starts at $18.00 per month for a well thought out Skinny line up. When compared our competitors are in the $25.00 range – with an expensive set-top-box to pay for.

Second, Cost of Service:

We mentioned the Roku and Apple. We wanted to get the footprint costs down. Our competitors have expensive set-top boxes. These boxes cost over $1,000 each. It is typical to see a charge between $12 or $18 per month for the required set-top box (per box). We wanted to avoid this.

Our Channel line up, in our view, is our secret sauce. When you do a ‘bake off’ of the ATOP Skinny vs. the legacy Cable TV offers the ATOP always wins. Simply put it is a better channel line up.

Third, Commitment to resellers

We enjoy working with agents. We like the ‘high touch’ service that they provide. We have always wanted to build a network of highly inspiring agents.


We had a goal to provide inexpensive TV. At the time the options were a higher definition (4K) and more complicated marketing bundles, instead, we settled on low-cost platforms of Apple and Roku, An agent-based distribution channel as our preference and better support. So far so good.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.