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Credit Request for ATOP TV Service Outages

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused due to service outages on our ATOP TV platform. For customers seeking credits due to these outages, kindly provide the following information to process your request: First and Last Name, Address, City, Province, Phone, Email, the device you are using (please note that only Apple TV and Roku are on our authorized list), the software version, and the Rebate and Credit Code provided by us which validates the credit. This code is mandatory for the processing of any credit request.

We want to assure our valued customers that the integrity of our products is of utmost importance to us. We continually strive to offer exceptional services and ensure that our offerings stand out. However, it’s essential to understand that in the rapidly evolving world of technology, frequent updates are made to streaming devices and sticks, many of which are for security enhancements. Some of these updates can inadvertently cause disruptions in our service. Unfortunately, such outages resulting from third-party updates are outside of our control. We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we work diligently to navigate these challenges and continue providing you with a stellar viewing experience.